Microsoft 365 PnP Community Spotlight: Julie Turner

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Which community project do you maintain? 

 PnPjs; Microsoft 365 learning pathways 


How does it help people?  

PnPjs is a collection of fluent libraries for consuming SharePoint, Graph, and Office 365 REST APIs in a type-safe way. You can use it within SharePoint Framework, Nodejs, or any JavaScript project. 
Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways: 
Provides a framework to administer and surface in any site collection learning content from 
- Microsoft content curated into playlists by Microsoft's documentation team 
- Custom content you build on your own in SharePoint and surface as playlists 
- Content curated by third parties that you include as content packs


What have you been working on lately? 

 PnPjs: Planning V3 of the library. 
Microsoft 365 learning pathways: We've recently brought the code base for the web parts to open source and a content update for Microsoft's playlists was updated for Q1 - 2021.


What do you do at work? 

 As a member of a small consulting company my role is to try and stay on top of all things development related with Microsoft 365 platform. My favorite part of that task is working on client-side solutions but I also write a lot of integrations which utilize my C# chops. 


Why are you a part of the M365 community? 

 Because contributing to the community and being part of the community lifts all boats. I try to help people and people try to help me succeed with this platform and these tools which is rewarding in many ways. 


What was you first community contribution? 

In sp-dev-solutions the Multilingual Pages solution: 


One tip for someone who’d like to start contributing 

 If you're familiar with GitHub and working on a team, just read the contribution guidelines for the repo you want to contribute to. Should be all there is to it.  If you have an idea for an enhancement submit an issue to the issues list to indicate, you'd like to work on a particular enhancement and ask for feedback that way you know that your enhancement idea is in line with how the maintainers envision the project evolving. If you're not super familiar with GitHub and intimidated by the process, check out a Sharing is Caring event to get some guidance.​ 

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