Microsoft 365 PnP Community Spotlight: Albert-Jan Schot

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Which community project do you maintain? 

 CLI Microsoft 365 


How does it help people?  

It helps you automate tasks for your Microsoft 365 tenant and helps developers with their SPFx projects


What have you been working on lately? 

 We recently released our docker container; I've been working on getting that docker container running in the Azure Container Instances orchestrated from an Azure Logic App. And obviously helping out with new commands.  


What do you do at work? 

 I provide our sales team with a technical conscience. Have the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues on our larger projects. And last but not least I get to play around with the new shiny toys in an R&D setting to see if they would improve our development practices.


Why are you a part of the M365 community? 

 I get to learn from inspiring people, learn new technologies or products that I might not know about and finally committing to something forces me to push myself outside of the comfort zone. 


What was you first community contribution? 

 A minor fix for the PnP Modern Search WebParts, followed by a few Dutch translations for that same webpart. 


One tip for someone who’d like to start contributing 

 Anyone can make the world a better place, if you see something that you think is wrong raise an issue, if you have an opinion on something engage in the discussions and if you can just improve what is already there. It doesn't matter if it is code or docs, complex functions or sample scripts. If you learned something, chances are high that someone else will as well!  

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