Writting with stylus is not smooth

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I am using onenote on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet. I take extensive notes with stylus. When I write with stylus, writting shifts couple of pixels up and left. It is really annoying since writting is not responsive and smooth. This problem is valid quite sometime (maybe over a year) and it was normal before. I installed one of the apk issued over a year ago and it is super.

I have no problem with other notetaking apps such as Samsung Notes.

Anybody else having similar problems?

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@ctukel we are aware of this issue and actively working on a fix. Stay tuned for an update regarding this, and thanks for the feedback!

I am having the same problem with Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Tablet. Issue is more severe on the left side, with very obvious pixel shift up and left. My guess is there is some filtering technique applied on the strokes for smoothness, but the filtered output is returned to a shifted location.

Thanks for your feedback. We will look into this issue.