Word, on my Pixel2 XL STILL does not show where I left off.


Word Version 1.0.1 (16.0.11718.20002)

One Drive Version: 5.32.1

Phone: Google Pixel2 XL


It doesn't matter if I edit the document on my phone, tablet, or PC, Word, on my phone, does not ask if I want to pick up where I left off. This is very annoying. I'm getting tired of searching for my spot. I have great connectivity.


My PC and tablets see each other's last position. They often see the last position from my phone. It's the apps on my phone that doesn't see the last position, not even if the last use was on the phone.


I even wiped my phone and reinstalled the apps. It's still broke.


Look, developers, you know I use Word for Android nearly every day. This feature is a "must work" item.


What can I do to help? Is there a diagnostic I can perform?


Thank you


George Driver

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Since making the original post, Word for Android has been updated three times and One Drive once. Word version: 1.0.1 (16.0.11824.20002) One Drive version: 5.33.4 The good news: THERE AIN'T ANY GOOD NEWS. IT'S STILL BROKE. The bad news: THE DEVELOPERS AREN'T INTERACTING WITH ME. Look, Word used to do this on my phone. It stopped with one of your updates. You should fix it. What can I do? Should I quit the Office Insider program and install the released version? I don't know because the developers are not talking. Come on people, you've done better in the past and you can do so once again.
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My tablet, Nvidia Shield running Android 7.0 also has Word installed. Word version 1.0.1 (16.0.11824.20002) and it has now stopped tracking where I left off!

Word on my PC, version 1905 (Build 11629.20246 Click-to-Run) no longer "sees" where I left off with my phone OR my tablet.

Look, developers, this isn't good. It's forcing me to work on my documents in different ways. I might as well be using Google Docs at this point. I need your feedback. Are you going to fix this or not?



Last night I installed an update for One Drive on my Nvidia Shield tablet and my Pixel2 XL phone. 


Both my phone and tablet have version 5.34.1


Good news: Once again, my tablet tracks where I left off. My PC, once again, sees where I left off ON MY PHONE!


Bad news: My phone still doesn't track. It doesn't even track itself.  Yes, I rebooted my phone after installing the updated OneDrive. I did not reboot my tablet and it works!!!


I am up to help if I can. Please fix this as my phone is my #2 device for using Word.


Thank you,






I found a newer beta of One Drive on apkmirror. This one is version 5.35 (Beta 2). I installed it, hoping it'd fix the problem, but it didn't.


Are you guys working on this? It's seriously messing up how I use Word. Instead of working on an entire chapter, I have to create small chunks because it's easier to find where I left off.


While we're talking, please implement a better method of navigating through a document. Navigating via headings would be great. The search feature is worthless because when I close it, the document reverts back to its original spot. Why is it like this?



I've given up on you and the other Word for Android developers. You all suck. 


This bug has persisted since April, and you haven't bothered or been able to fix it. It would be different if one of you bothered to communicate. The Word app still takes you to Google+ for support. 


I've left the useless Insider program for the reasons above. What point is there to communicate issues if you don't bother communicating back. As such, I uninstalled the latest beta from my phone and am now running version 1.0.1 (16.0.11727.20104). Guess what, it's broken as well. 


Word for android is a toy. It used to be great, but with this bug, I can't work with full chapters because navigating is horrible.


I do not expect you guys will fix this, I suspect you're unable. Next on my To Do list is figuring out who to contact at Microsoft to complain. 

An interesting thing happened this morning. On my phone, I opened an old file, and Word asked me if I wanted to resume from where I left off! It fricken worked! I exited out of the app and reopened it and the file. Whatever magic the file possessed had left as Word failed to ask about where I left off.


Maybe this little bit of info will help the developers?  If nothing else, it serves as an example of  what communication looks like. A key bit of training our trusty developers lack.

Another bit of info for the developers, the non-communicative programmers who don't fix bugs or communicate with users. This morning the One Drive app on my phone updated to version 5.35. Later this morning at work, I opened my current chapter and "where you left off" worked! Holly nutballs! it worked. Unfortunately it only worked the one time, Another bit of info: even though I used word on my phone several times today. At home when I opened desktop Word, it thinks the last time I edited the file was yesterday. It's like Android Word isn't reporting my last place. I hope this helps. Mot that you'll do anything about it, you're too busy adding collaboration tools.

This morning, another update for One Drive. This time to version 5.35.1. No change. 


My Windows laptop doesn't see the file changes from Word on my phone.


Since this is so hard to fix, I'm assuming you're actually working on it, how about giving me a button to tap that loads the location from wherever it's stored.


BTW, how does this function work? Is the location stored in the .docx file? Or is it in somewhere else. I think One Drive is required for "Where you left off" to work. Is this correct?



Last night, I rejoined the Insider program. I reasoned if the developers were actually working on this bug, I wouldn't see their progress until the next public release.


My phone, a Google Pixel 2 XL with Word version 1.0.1 (16.0.11916.20002), installed this morning.


All together, I opened Word and edited a docx file about eight times. Three times, Word asked if I wanted to pick up where I left off! Five times it did not. I THINK, those failures were due to a spotty cell tower connectivity.


When I opened Word on my desktop, the recent file list showed the correct time for the last file I opened on my phone!


It appears that PhoneWord is communication more often with this build. I will continue to report on this issue.


Another update to Word. This time to version 1/0/1 (15.0.11922.20006)


Where you left off is still broke.


Is this even on the list of bugs? Look, IT USED TO WORK. ONE OF YOUR UPDATES BROKE IT.



I'm using version 1.0.1 (16.0.12001.20000)


If I open a document on the phone, Word on the phone intermittently tracks where I left off, ON THE PHONE ONLY. and then only two or three times before it stops tracking. 


Word on my desktop (Version 1907 (Build 11901.20176)) does see if a file was opened on the phone, (4hrs ago). But it won't offer to take me to where I left off.



Unfortunately, this bug remains unfixed. It baffles me how the app can keep track of every document opened for months, yet cannot track where I left off. As this issue also plagues the desktop version, I guess it's out of the Android Word developer's hands. How about this, add a button to the three vertical dot menu to go to the last spot worked on? Embed the data in the file.