Welcome to Office Lens Beta Program!


Hi there! As you might be aware, Google + is shutting down shortly for consumers. Therefore, we have decided to migrate to techcommunity.microsoft.com. We request you all to continue conversations here.

To participate in beta community discussions, please do the below:

  • Navigate to https://aka.ms/AndroidOLBeta and press "Follow".
  • Press "start new conversation" to create a new thread.
  • In case you wish to respond to existing threads, please reply to them directly. 

We look forward to continuing interactions on TechCommunity, and request you all to follow Office Lens Beta asap.

Thanks for your support through this migration!



Microsoft Office Lens


Note: There will be no change in the way you will get beta builds, these will continue to happen as usual through play store. To check if you are beta user, please go to Play Store and look out for a banner which says "You are a beta tester for this app. Future updates will include beta versions."

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Looking forward to a robust community experience here
Please pin a post with the uservoice link and provide guidance on when to use what platform.
Hi James
Uservoice (our current in-app feedback mechanism) can be used to share feature requests with us. We are slowly working towards having a single consolidated place for all users and issues. Meanwhile, do use this tech-community for any and all issues/feedback. Thanks!
I can't seem to find the link to join the beta program in the play store. Can you send it to me directly? I see it on other Microsoft apps. Thank you.
Please use this link to join Office Lens beta program.