Updates to Clipchamp that make video editing a breeze


Hi Microsoft 365 Insiders,


Discover the latest enhancements to Clipchamp and elevate your video editing game! Find out about the new AI-backed silence removal feature, the extensive audio library, the freehand editing capabilities, and more.


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Hello! Interesting to hear about these new developments!

The inclusion of AI features in the work version of Clipchamp raises the question if the previous statements about where Clipchamp does its processing are no longer valid:


In my organization, we were just about to enable Clipchamp for all eligible users, after doing the necessary internal architect evaluation that is required. It was done with the above statements as input, the assumption being that all processing of video and audio is done locally on the user's computer. If this is no longer valid, we will need to restart that whole process and gather more detailed info on how these AI features work.

So, do the AI features send the data away from the user's computer and process it elsewhere?

Best regards,