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I was sent a link to this discussion board by a Microsoft Chat representative even tho I clearly told them it looked like this was an Android discussion board. I'm using iOS. Perhaps someone can redirect me?


I have two iOS devices that I use with powerpoint and I project via an Apple TV and Airplay.  (I'm only using the Apple TV to facilitate wireless projection. I'm not exporting my files to the AppleTV.) I use an iPhone and an iPad. The screen mirror (using airplay and the apple tv) works flawlessly. The problem is that when it open a PowerPoint presentation and touch the little icon at the top of my screen sometimes my projector won't flip into presentation mode - it rather continues to mirror the device screen. 


When it works like it is supposed to, THEN the projector ONLY shows the current slide. (Things like notes and battery life and all the other things on my iPad screen are hidden).


When it doesn't work THEN the projector screen is picking up everything shown on my device screen -- including battery life and the little "wifi signal strength" indicator, etc.


I've checked both devices for updates -- they are running current versions of iOS as well as the PowerPoint app. I've also restarted both devices. I've gone into settings and "reset" the app.


My hunch is there's a glitch in what powerpoint is handing off to Airplay for projection.


Here's the steps I follow:


1. I open a presentation and its in what i'd call "edit mode". The projector screen is an exact mirror image of the device screen.


2. I touch the little icon at the top of screen to go into presentation mode. The app and my device screen go into presentation mode as expected. Sometimes the projection image properly flips into presentation mode where ONLY the current slide is shown. At other times the projection image does not switch to presentation mode. Rather, it continues to be a complete image of my device screen.



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