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I´m using Planner | To Do in TEAMS to organize team tasks. We have many of them that are regular, that is,  every month. Is there a trick to have the periodicity, Every Month, First monday, etc? Today I have to copy every task and change manually the due date.

Thank you in advance for your comments. 


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@Naty_SarasaIf you have access to PowerAutomate, you could create a 'Scheduled Cloud Flow' to generate a Planner task or To-Do item every day/month/week. When creating a 'Scheduled Cloud Flow', the first step is to set the date and time along with the recurrence. Recurrence isn't as flexible with this method as under an Outlook meeting for example, but you can do a lot with functions to customise the event and assign it to the appropriate planner/person/board, etc.

Thank you very much Miller for taking the time you answer my questions and for your suggestion. I will undestand if we are allowed to use PowerAutomate in my company.