Receiving "Something went wrong" Error 30088-27 AND "You're up to date" when updating..

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After the update to 15330.20004, when performing an Office Update I get BOTH a dialog that says I'm up to date and simultaneously an error 30088-27 (see attached image).


Performed an online repair, then an uninstall and reinstall (not clean).  Issue persists.  


Not hung up on it since it seems I also got the latest update ;)


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@LagunaJim I have exactly the same issue.

@LagunaJim same problem here, version 15330.20004. tried quick repair and full repair but didnt solve it.

@LagunaJimSame here

Same here!
I have the same problem (version 2206, build 15330.20004).
Using the repair tool from System Config doesn't work.

Also get the same error message. I'm running on Dev build of Windows Inside 11 if that makes a difference. I've just completed and update, but get the same error. I'm now running Office version 

2207 Build 16.0.15402.20000) 64-bit

@David Overton Same here, running 2207 - 15402.20002 on Win11 ARM

Same here. Updated to Windows 11H2, problem is still there.
I get the same error when running update. Version 2207 Build 15402.20002
yeah exactly the same winver 25131.1000 insider dev office beta
The issue appears to be resolved in Version 2207, Build 15407.20000. I am able update Office click-to-run..

Just tried it again and updating from Version 2207 (Build 15402.20002) to Version 2207 (Build 15407.20000) worked smoothly.


Edit 2022/06/15: Although I was able to update to the new version, the error message still comes up in the new build.

I am already on 15407.20000 and it says "Updates for this product are available for download". I'm on Beta Channel. When I click update I'm still getting both pop-ups, You're up to date and error 30088-27.
Update to 15407.20000 worked, but problem persists.
I have exactly the same issue, version Version 2207 Build 16.0.15407.20000 64-bit. I also tried quick repair and full repair but neither one did work.
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Expect an update to build 15414 or higher. According to preliminary information, the error was fixed at an early stage of internal testing.
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