Profiles in Outlook for Mac

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Hello, Microsoft 365 Insiders! This is Priya Ganta from the Outlook for Mac team. If, like me, you have multiple email accounts configured within Outlook or have long shied away from adding your personal accounts to your work Outlook, I have some great news for you! I am excited to announce a new feature now available for Outlook Mac that lets you create a distraction-free experience across multiple accounts.


Profiles in Outlook for Mac


In Outlook Mac, you can now create profiles – for example, one for your work account, and another for your personal account. You can then select your work profile and Outlook will not bother you with any notifications from your personal email accounts. Similarly, if you select your personal profile at home, Outlook will not bother you with work-related emails.


With one click or by pressing the Control+Tab keys, you can switch between Outlook profiles in seconds. You can even automate switching with Siri automation. Switching to my personal profile every weekday evening after 6pm and then switching back to my work profile at 8am is just one example.  





Until now, you couldn’t mute notifications by account, or show only certain accounts when in a focus mode. Using profiles, you can now:


  • Theme your work profile to be a different color than your personal profile.
  • Switch between various Outlook to help with work-life balance. For example, you can switch to your personal profile, every weekday after 6pm and switch back to work at 8am, the next day.
  • Set up as many profiles as you need to best manage your time and your inbox.
  • Define different Outlook window appearance for different profiles.
  • Tie your email accounts within Outlook for Mac to Apple’s Focus Filters. 


The possibilities are endless!


Head over to the blog post to learn more and see other updates coming out soon!




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When is that profile going to come to Windows. Adding profiles to edge would be great as weel

Yeah, good question - how is it possible that the New Outlook for Windows doesn't support profiles, but the one for Mac does?