Profanity filtering control for live captions in Teams meetings

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Hi, Microsoft 365 Insiders! We have heard your feedback and are excited to introduce a profanity filtering control for live captions in Teams meetings.


Profanity filtering control for live captions in Teams meetings


The Live captions feature enables live subtitles in Microsoft Teams, helping all meeting participants to interact better, in a more accessible way. Live captions automatically create real-time subtitles based on the spoken words of the meeting participants. The text appears in real time. Learn more about live captions.


With the newly introduced toggle for turning on or off profanity filtering in live captions in Teams meetings, you are now able to control whether you want to continue to leverage the profanity filtering capability provided out of the box, or if you prefer to see every word as they were spoken.



How it works


  1. To turn off profanity filtering, select Settings and more > Settings > Captions and transcripts, and then slide the Filter profane words in meeting captions toggle off.




Head over to the blog post to learn more and see other updates coming out soon!




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