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I'm trying to do the following in powerpoint and I don't see any easy options outside of programming:

I have a powerpoint with several slides (a lot of them). In one of the first sheets I have the categorization of the rest of the slides depending on their order

For example: from slide 1 to 3 there is some office content, from 4 to 5 some books content, etc.

I want to do the following:

I would like the user of the powerpoint/or myself to click on several of the categories on that first sheet and only show those slides within the categories they chose and organize the powerpoint only to show those slides the client choose. I do not know if I explain myself.

In other words, the idea is that the powerpoint is customized to show depending on the categories that the user chose.

I have tried the slide show item but i want to make it more automated and make the user choose the categories and organize the powerpoint presentation based on those items clics


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At the beginning of the PPT, create a menu slide. Insert a text block for each menu item. (I like giving them a beveled appearance.) Each text block has a link to the first slide of the respective section. The last slide in each section has a link back to the menu slide.
Thank you but that is not what i expected, i want to select which slides to show and create an automated slideshow bases in the chosen ones

If there are a reasonable finite predefined set of topics, then create those sections and duplicate slides as necessary. Then use my original suggestion.

Otherwise - to provide complete customization - and assuming that each slide has a very limited number of subsequent slides (3-5), then at the bottom of each slide, place a textbox for each possible subsequent slide. Each textbox links to a separate subsequent slide. Also make it possible for the user to Exit or Return to the Beginning.

To do all of this custom selection at the beginning will require programming.