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In my MS excel, the GET DATA power query button missing, how can I get it please help

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I also have a business 365 license.
Let me know how your license, version, installed language, or whatever could be (or is) different.

@Morkus2Office Version 16.64 is the beta channel build. When it comes to new features, not all beta channel users will see the new feature. Some users get the new feature while the rest is a control group. My install is US English with an E5 enterprise license. Even having all the requirements is no guarantee you will have a new feature while in the beta channel.

Well I was on the regular channel, 16.62, before and it wasn't there, either. I read somewhere that you needed to be in the beta channel to try to get these new features so I tried that, too.

I guess it's Windows or nothing for many Office 365 features.




The way the beta program works is that new features can be random. Microsoft can set say 10% will get the new feature in any week's beta channel build. Each week when the new build is released you have a shot at getting a new feature. As Microsoft's confidence in having a trouble-free feature increases, the size of the group getting access to the feature is enlarged. There is a web site you can use to track what's officially being released and when. That said, the site tends to document what's new after the feature is open to all beta testers. When I searched for PowerQuery none of the functionality I have is mentioned.



I am not sure if you were able to fix it, but I was having the same issue. 

Although I was on the latest version was not able to get the new features.


The solution that worked for me was to download the manual latest version from the microsoft. I will put the link below. After installing this package, it worked like a charm

@nakovali”Power query” for Mac is a bit different so I switched to windows :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:


Nope, I have that latest version but PowerQuery does not give me any button but "LOAD" and "CANCEL".



I had exactly the same problem. I was on the latest version but Excel did not have pq.

then I maunally downloaded excel 16.64 frol the release notes. The installation file was something like 800 mb. After installing that, I was able turn on new features.

I hope this helps.


until yesterday I was not even a office insider.

I had tried doing that before, but then my Office (Mac) installation started acting badly. I couldn't share anything and 365 started requiring me to log in every single time I tried to access a OneDrive anything. Since everything is "working" at the moment, I guess I'll have to wait for MS to roll this feature out.
Thanks very much for your kind reply! :)