Please Stop asking to save a duplicate file somewhere else before editing/annotating PDF/Office file


Stop asking to save a duplicate file somewhere else before editing a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. this gets really annoying when it happens for PDF files when you want to annotate it. 

either remove this requirement or add an option in the settings to disable this.

this isn't an expected behavior. on Desktop/Mac when you want to annotate a PDF or edit an Office file, you're not required nor asked to save your file somewhere else, make a duplicate of it, before doing editing and annotating.

it makes it hard to maintain a tidy file manager, also creates unneeded files as we have to make duplicate content all the time.





another experience my father had, I installed this app on his phone, and he thought this app can only open Office and PDF, not edit them, simply because of this constant duplicate creation requirement.


This is a huge issue that needs to get fixed. we need to be able to edit the same file and save our changes to the same file.

if needed, convert the file from read-only to editable mode automatically, without asking the user to do this manually, and never the need for creating duplicate content on phone.



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