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Open Powerpoint online deck in full screen mode

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I have a PPT deck which I have converted to a PPS (show) file and uploaded to a sharepoint site. When this opens online, it does not open in full screen as you would see when opening it from the desktop. 

Therefore, I have amended the URL to replace the "Doc.aspx?" text with "WopiFrame2.aspx" which presents the deck in a better format (you don't see the slides down the left hand side), and then inserted the URL into a button on a webpage. Unfortunately, users experience success in some browsers and not others - it is a mixed bag of results. This solution doesn't seem reliable right now, but asking if anyone has any ideas to get success across all browsers or a macro on a button on the first slide which opens the deck in full screen or any other solution that will just have the online deck open directly in full screen?



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