OneNote only Searching current Section

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Search in my OneNote works differently than I read it should.


When I search in is only looking in the current section of my notebook. Since I tend to have many sections without a lot of pages in each section, if I knew what section(s) what I was looking for was in I could find it by looking. 


Any idea what might be wrong and how to get search working properly?

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@John Twohig - In OneNote (not OneNote for Windows) the search bar is on the top right. There's a small arrow that opens a drop down where you select where you want to search. Options include This Section, This Notebook or All Notebooks. See attached image.

@Allan Clarke 


I don't see a search bar:




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That's a screenshot of Teams not OneNote. The OneNote functionality within Teams isn't the same as OneNote or OneNote for Windows. Your initial post suggested that OneNote search was only looking at the 'current section' of your Notebook and in Teams you're searches are limited. If you want full search functionality use the full OneNote apps for your PC, not Teams.
I suspected as much. One of the most irritating things about Microsoft is their continual use of the same name for different products. It is hard to get users to adopt new tools when they aren't even sure what tool they are using.

Perhaps when they added it to Teams they should have called it "HalfANote".