OneNote data is lost on OneDrive, but still exists in OneNote for Mac desktop app

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I decided to stop using my personal OneDrive account. So, I downloaded all of the contents of my OneDrive to my desktop, then deleted all of them from OneDrive. And stupidly, I also cleared the trash bin.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that my OneNote notebooks were stored there. So now my notes are all gone. EXCEPT they are stored locally and still exist in my OneNote for Mac desktop app. These notes are no longer syncing, and I am getting this error message: "This notebook might have been deleted from the server. You can try to sync this notebook again, or copy your content to another notebook."


Is there any way to copy all of my notebooks to my OneDrive Business account? I tried right clicking on a section and clicking "Copy Section To" a new notebook that is syncing with my OneDrive Business account. Unfortunately, I am receiving this error message: "The sections you're moving have not all been synced. Make sure you are online and fully synced before you move sections between notebooks."


How can I copy all notebooks/sections from OneNote for Mac to a new notebook that is syncing with my OneDrive Business account?

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I have more or less the same issue. I can see and access the files in my OneNote for Windows 10 app (the same as for mac OS more or less). But they dont sync like you described it.
I wonder where exactly the files are stored locally? 


Oh and I actually did make a backup of all the OneNote files. But if I upload them to oneDrive, I cant access them via oneNote...