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Office Lens sunset 12/31/2020

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Hello all, I know that the Office Lens desktop app was sunset at the end of 2020.  I am looking for updated information on the iOS Office Lens app - no longer able to export to WORD, PDF, OneDrive, however One Note is currently available as well as share to Mail and Immersive Reader.  Is this the expected outcome when using Office Lens mobile app for iOS? 


Additionally, the LENS application in Office Mobile App does not have Immersive Reader or other share/export options. 

  1. Will Immersive Reader be added into LENS via Office Mobile App? 
  2. Will Office Lens (sunset 12/31/2020) have capability to export to WORD, PDF, et all added back in. 
  3. Are there any updated resources for the new LENS in the Office Mobile App. 

For our institution Office Lens was an invaluable tool for accessibility for students....wondering about how other are adapting to the changes in Office Lens and Lens.  Thanks for any support/assistance.  

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