Office Lens Not Posting Creation Date (Properties))

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What is the problem:  Office lens is posting creation dates as modified dates.

Why is it a problem:  My insurance company believes I modified a document prior to uploading to mobile site after scanning with office lens.


Possible Resolution:  JPG Metadata can be seen when opened with wordpad.  There is device information and then the date / time seen during the first few lines when opened as a text file.  Is this the creation date?  I can provide the original email for dev team upon request for analysis. 


How I generated the Defect:

1)  08-Sept 2020, I used office lens to capture a document

2)  Document was uploaded to auto insurance company's mobile application for "additional documents"

3)  The next day I received a phone call from my insurance provider asking why I had posted an image with modification history matching 15 minutes prior to me posting the image to the site as "additional documents."

4)  Imported image to laptop to see metadata

5)  Open image properties and the date the image was captured was showing as "Modification Date" and the date and time the image was imported to the laptop were showing as the "Created Date" **See Image_1""

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