Office Insider Spotlight: Michel de Rooij



Ask computer consultant Michel de Rooij which fictional character he most identifies with, and he doesn’t name someone from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or other “superhero.” 


“I’d go with MacGyver,” he said, picking the title character from a popular 1980s TV show (and the recent reboot). “I like solving problems. I like helping people both professionally and outside of my work environment. That’s kind of my hobby. I love it.” 


And while Michel might not employ a Swiss Army knife or chewing gum in his day-to-day work, he enjoys coming up with creative tools and solutions to the challenges posed by large Exchange implementations and other infrastructure tasks. It’s one of the reasons he’s earned the Microsoft MVP award every year since 2013. 


“I’m a big fan of automation, so automating tasks or creating project or administrative tools using PowerShell is also what I love doing,” he said. 


Interviewed from his home in the Netherlands, Michel talked with us about his journey in technology, the challenges of the modern software release cycle, his favorite Office productivity feature, and why he’s been an Insider since the very beginning. 



Take a look at the full blog post here.  



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