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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world in early 2020, it left many of us stuck at home, looking for things to do. Some people baked, others binge-watched TV shows, and many tried out new hobbies. And plenty of us spent way too much time on social media. 


And then there’s 25-year-old Emma Chieppor, a Pittsburgh actuary who turned her own love of social media into an influencer venture (Excel Dictionary) that has attracted more than 3 million followers in less than a year. (How is your pandemic hobby going?) 


For Emma—who got her start as a social influencer posting fashion photos to Instagram in college—it’s all about tapping into the fun and creativity of social platforms to teach people helpful technology skills.





“I was no longer feeling fulfilled within the fashion influencing industry, and I wanted to help educate others—to truly make a difference in people’s lives,” Emma said. “I decided to use social media to teach people about technology in a fun way, to help them feel more confident at work. My goal is to get people to see Excel the way I do, as a really cool tool that can be used for anything.” 


We talked to Emma about the arc of her meteoric social media career, the secrets to her success, and how the Office Insider program has helped her assist millions of Excel users in growing their skills, one TikTok or Insta post at a time. 


Take a look at the full blog post here.  



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