Office Insider 'Not Available To Minors Under The Age Of Consent'

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I can no longer join the Office Insider programme, the following pop up appear however I can no longer choose a channel and the text 'Office Insider Is Not Available To Minors Under The Age Of Consent' at the bottom of the box. Selecting all the appropriate check boxes and clicking 'OK' just drops back to the account info page.


Is much as I'd like to be a bit younger - I'd definitely not count myself as a minor these days!




Any suggestions?



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@hgnoel1980 Exactly the same issue here. Have you resolved it?

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@damoukI used an edit to the registry to force it to use the Insider releases. The message was still showing when trying to enrole the normal way but it was picking up the Insider channel. I'll have a check later if the message is still showing, I'm on the wrong machine currently.