Office 2019 pro plus insider questions


I've enrolled my Office 2019 pro plus in insider channel, but I will be only receiving sorta the experimental security updates, right? no new features from the insider builds?

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Hi @HotCakeX 


That's my understanding. mentions that 'most' new features require an active 365 subscription to receive them, so it does imply that non-365 subscribers may get features, but I would think this unlikely. 365 is sold as being continually developed, while 2019 is a snapshot of feature development that is effectively a frozen point from 365 development. 

Hi, yes I thought so,
I didn't know Office 2019 pro plus could be joined to insider channels
but today i suddenly searched for "insider" in Word's top search area and noticed there is an option for it. now i'm on version 2002, the updates download time was rather quick so I think there wasn't so much stuff added to it.
anyway I'm okay with insider updates even if they are just security ones.

that said, I actually think I got some new features, because I'm checking here
and it's talking about "saving objects as pictures" which is supposedly a new thing in Word version 2001 (January 10, 2020) and I have it now on Word 2019 (version 2002 insider fast)

Very interesting @HotCakeX 


Not sure if it's an oversight on MS's part as all the documentation I've seen (and your post) seemed to confirm that 2019 is just getting security updates. Would be keen to know if you spot further feature updates as time goes on.

Sure, i will keep you posted :)