Note Style (unnumbered) is no longer supported???

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I have created templates with Note and Warning styles such that the style adds "Note" as a text prefix , a box, and a hanging indent any paragraph. These paragraph styles have been in use and available FOREVER (since Windows/Office 95).  Now they are GONE. If I have a list style or ANY style, I cannot edit/save the style without numbering: the dialog boxes to do so are "stuck" in the incomplete state (the OK button is disabled). 

I don't want NUMBERED notes, and I don't want to create a "bullet" that is a "picture" showing I cannot even alter an EXISTING Note style to add a colon after the word. 
It seems like that's the only option available for me is to create a GRAPHIC of the word NOTE and save it as a BULLET. (see in picture, OK is disabled)Note Style.PNG

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Hello JenelleA,

Unfortunately it doesn't look like that option is available but we would recommend providing feedback on this change by going to Help > Feedback > I don't like something from within the app.