New natural-sounding voices come to Read Aloud



Office Insiders! Emily Tran, Program Manager on the Office Voice team is excited to share that we are continuing to improve the Read Aloud feature, adding new and more natural-sounding voices in Word and Outlook for Windows.


Read Aloud in Word and Outlook is a great way to both author and read content. Whether you use it to “proof-listen” to a document or an email to catch errors, or simply to give your eyes a break, you want to hear your content read by natural-sounding voices.


Some of you shared that you felt that the original voices sounded too robotic, and you were looking for more natural-sounding reading voices, like the ones we offer for the Read Aloud feature in Microsoft Edge. In response to this feedback, we’re happy to add these new and improved options!


For more detailed descriptions of the update, requirements and more, please read our original blog post.





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very good information - thank you for the improvement!
Glad you found it informative!
Hi Iqra,

For a very long time, I have been using (and enjoying) the natural voices to review my MS Word documents. But for some reason, that got removed from all of my devices leaving the boring low quality voices of Microsoft Zira, Mark and David. Since this happened to all of my devices (PC and iPad, and iPhone), I suspect this is not a local machine application problem but rather something back on Microsoft's end.

Please advise what's going on as I'm sad to see Microsoft take this giant step backwards in the Office365 subscription service.