New investment tracking template uses data types, STOCKHISTORY function


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Today we want to share a new investment tracking template with you. Sam Radakovitz, a Program Manager on the Excel team, shows you how to setup the template that uses the STOCKHISTORY fuction, stock data type, sparklines, tables, charts and more in our latest blog post. Download the template now and give it a try.


 Investment Tracking template.gif


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@Evan_Bolin  I have the Stocks Data type, but the STOCKHISTORY formula is not available.  It strange that I would get one without the other.  When will the formula be released to Office Insiders?  Please let me know. 



Hello @Scott Moskowitz ,


The STOCKHISTORY function is currently only available to a portion of Office Insiders on the Beta Channel while it's being optimized over the next several months.  When it's ready, it will be released to all Office Insiders. Unfortunately at this time, we don't have a specific date for when that will be.





are there any release date on this for Excel office 365 subscribers?

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Hello @john_thinggaard,


Unfortunately nothing has been announced for when this feature will be available to the general public on Microsoft 365 subscriptions. You can keep an eye on the Excel blog section for any announcements.




I believe that investing can bring you financial stability. It does not matter where you will invest your money. But it's important to invest wisely. I learned that from a friend who works for . So thank you for the shared information. This gives us an overview of how to properly invest. Because nowadays, everyone is investing, and there is an overload of information on this subject. So it's pretty hard to find consistent information about investing.

Hi @Evan_Bolin !


I have the same issue. It was working fine before but since a week or so ago it stopped working and I get #VALUE! instead :worried_face: