Missing features in the One Note app for the android

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Hello to all those who use the android version of the One Note software. 

I have recently bought the S6 for note-taking but see that the One Note is still very incapable on the android. Some of the very common features which the One Note offers on the IOS system(Ipad) and even on the windows are---

1) Shape tools

2) Ink to text and shape

3) The math solving capability

4) Date and time 

and many more.    It's my humble request to the developers to get at least the feature they offer on the IOS (i pad).  If something like this is done, there will be no competition left in the market of android and everyone will just get to the One Note,   but I request to get this as early as possible as this would not even require some high level developing, I hope the developers of this are well aware of how they had developed the app for IOS. 

Another thing that can be done is that One Note can even be delivered at some price(only if it gets those features and updates with many more features). (this could as i think make the process of developing much faster).    I request all those who are reading it ,if they could give this a like so that the officials read it as soon as possible,   thankyou  

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I have a S6 as well. When will this be address? I wonder what the barriers Microsoft has for adding to Android. I pay monthly for access to this app just to get 50% of the features. I should be paying 50% less.
Recently bought Tab S7 , Really need one note with the above features.
One Note is the note taking app of choice, thanks mostly to it's cross platform capabilities. The weaknesses in the Android version need to be addressed. Tired of having to put down the Tab S7 and pick up an iPad when I want to get serious work done in One Note. Plus the iOS version has syncing problems.

@Alankrit_Verma I would love to see OneNote for Android have functionality on par with iOS. If I'm being cynical, I'll say that its deliberate. Because MS doesn't make Android tablets they want people to buy their Windows tablets. You already answered your own question why MS isn't updating their app for Android. I'm in the market for a tablet for notetaking but windows 11 on tablet just sucks. Windows 10 on tablet was even "suckier". 

@Alankrit_Vermayes, this is really unacceptable. My friend warned me against android saying there were bound to be some compatibility issues, sadly I didn't listen, now I think I'll be getting an ipad.

Laziness or some crap marketing ploy to make me buy a Windows tablet/laptop have backfired as now I'm going to Apple for my tech. I'm sick of everything being such a chore with Microsoft

Am new preson here can someone gaud me

After 4 years the Android app drawing tools remain pretty basic compared to the other platform versions.  For an app that sells itself as one of the premium multi-platform note-taking apps, this is simply poor.  It is, however, typical of Microsoft's complacency in my view. 


At the very least we need tools that are comparable to the Windows ( and other platform versions of the app), tools such as:

 1) rotate shapes,

 2) point eraser,

 3) more page background options such as different size grids and snap tools,

 4) better text options, 

 5) easier integration with inserting items from other apps, an example being inserting images from google earth.


Microsoft please get your finger out and make this the app as good as your marketing tries to suggest it is meant to be!