microsoft have a data leak

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Hiya microsoft i have tried to contact you as i have had a hacker take out my email 

you have a data leak on your microsoft accounts and my sherryb been comprimised i have updated password and got 2 step authentication now on this account but your accounts are at risk i have already spoken to action fraud and have cycber team doing a criminal investigateion may i ask you do the same and make sure your security is higher to prevents any more data leaks thank you sherree link ps

delete my dmradio account please thanks 

ps im not bothered about your silly rules right now more bothered stopping this happenong to sombody else and also stoping them have bank details compremised like mine were which are attached to the account that was hacked i have the london cycber police who are now along with uk frad action team doing criminal investergation  so your rules to post right now i dont care about not when i nearly lost 500 plus from my bank which i was smart enough to stop and ive lost my xbox pass and 2000 gaming points so please dont tell me to oberser rules or go get re trained do smaer thing sort out this mess from one very annoyed customer

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Hi @sherry630 

Cybersecurity is for everyone—this October and all year - Microsoft Community Hub

thank you for your post, but unfortunately you have confirmed that the basic security rules are not followed by you, MTC is a public forum and you certainly should not share your email address, please read the article I shared and try to participate in training.

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