Make your organization's fonts available in PowerPoint for the web



Hello, Office Insiders! Jess Kwok, a Product Manager on the PowerPoint team is excited to share that your organization’s fonts are now supported on PowerPoint for the web. 


Organization’s fonts 


We know that custom fonts are key to maintaining your organization’s brand identity. So, seamless use and rendering of fonts are vital when collaborating and creating content in PowerPoint. Now, with a few simple steps, your administrator can upload your fonts to SharePoint for your entire organization to use in their PowerPoint creations. 


How it works 


  • Create a site  in SharePoint or use an existing site that is already being used as an asset library.
    NOTE: You can’t customize the permissions of organization’s font asset libraries as the fonts are hosted on a public CDN. When uploaded, font asset libraries become available across your entire tenant. The ability to set permissions at a sub group level for font asset libraries is currently not supported.
  • Navigate to your site’s home page and select New Document library.


Org-Fonts_1.png Find out how it all works, right here



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Hi Nathan, I've been reported some issues with this feature. While using PowerPoint online fonts, all the users of the organisation reported the incapacity to use PowerPoint Online. Have you heard similar behaviour?