Make customisable aesthetics for finished notebooks and library/collection

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When you finish a notebook for some reason : end of a project, a period of time, or a travel, etc. wouldn't be nice to put a nice cover on and store it in some place that look like a nice personal library? Because maybe you don't want to print it but just keep an access on it. And also you would like to see it as classified, closed, finished thing...or actually extend it later for a new part, etc. Could be a display with icons instead of lists, but personalized covers instead of icons, and big, something like that...


Some journaling and diary app dit that I think, journey, zoho or anotherone I couldn't retrieve.

Sure you might look for simple and efficient display for your business but...even tough you could imagine business covers for your notebook, that might look like leather or whatever. And I mean something more than colors we could already change in notebooks section, a whole notebook. I also found some epub and ebook publication services, but it doesn't correspond to what I have in mind.


That's just a suggestion.

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