KeyTips now available in Office for Mac


Microsoft 365 Insiders,


Happy Friday! Great news for Office for Mac users! KeyTip support is finally coming to Office for Mac, enhancing navigation and boosting productivity. Want to learn more about these popular keyboard shortcuts? Check out our latest blog post by Hugo Garcia, Product Manager on the Microsoft 365 team: KeyTips now available in Office for Mac 


KeyTips in Office for Mac are now available to Microsoft 365 Insiders, and they’ll be available to all Office for Mac users in the coming months.




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Is there a way to either disable this feature entirely, or to re-assign the trigger function to another key? I can't find any settings (I am on the insider/beta channel).


I understand the value of the new feature, but the Option key is such a commonly used modifier key on the mac – e.g. in conjunction with other keys for diacritics, accents, non-breaking spaces, en/em dashes – that any slight typing inaccuracy where you haven't pressed both keys exactly together takes you out of the typing flow and into navigating the ribbon.


At best, there's the irritation of losing your place and having to go back and retype, at worst, you have accidentally activated an unwanted function, and need to undo your way back to where you were. That quickly gets frustrating when it happens repeatedly.