Introducing the new Sticky Notes app for Windows

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Hello, Microsoft 365 Insiders,


Happy Friday! We're excited to share with you an early look at the new Sticky Notes app on Windows, focused on creating and recalling notes more seamlessly than ever. We’re taking our first step with OneNote on Windows as the entry point for this preview experience. Soon, you’ll be able to try the new Sticky Notes from the Windows Start menu and by toggling over from the existing Microsoft Sticky Notes app on Windows.


Learn all about it in our latest blog


We have also shared out on X/LinkedIn:






Perry Sjogren

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@PerrySjogren This showed up, I used it (and pinned it to the taskbar) and then disappeared, both on the system and in OneNote.  The old StickyNotes application is still around, clicking the (new) pinned shortcut just directly opens OneNote itself. 


Is this expected? Have you pulled it back?