Insider fast not downloading in Mac

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I am trying to install update to insider fast channel for office 365 for get stuck when installing ...any help suggestion will be greatly appreciated

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@Edword_Smith74 ...thanks edward but i can not understand the below number....can you please tell me on how to connect again please.

I have the same issue this afternoon.

@sylsezso how did you resolved it? any suggestions? 

Hello @achalgupta81,


Can you please provide more details on what you're seeing when you say it's getting stuck? Are you getting an error message or code? Can you provide a screenshot of exactly what you're seeing?




@Evan_Bolin Hi Evan, MAU will download package and when it starts the process of installation then Installation is stuck and it never gets installed even if I keep my machine on for10-12 hours.


I do not get any message or any error code during this process and at end MAU will just exit the process.


Please see the screen shot.




Thanks @achalgupta81 for providing this information. Can you please try uninstalling Office, remove files from your user Library folder via the instructions on this page and then reinstall to see if this continues after the next update? 




@Evan_Bolin I did this for last 2 days but the issue still remains. What you suggest I should do next?

@achalgupta81, can you please make sure you're running the latest version of the Microsoft AutoUpdate tool?  Also, are you able to see if you can try updating the apps via a different internet connection?