[Feature request] Bibliography done right

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Actually Word has a simple (old) way to deal with bibliographies and citations. To manage the ever growing collection of data, a researcher should use tools like JabRef or Zotero, which are not so good. Just two examples: JabRef export to Word is not always working and Zotero's sync is a mess.

It would be better a solution from Microsoft Office. It could involve not only Word, but also other products (eg. Microsoft Edge from which to capture data as Zotero Connector does).

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We would recommend posting any suggestions on our office UserVoice page for Microsoft Office 365. 




@frastudio1905 I second this whole discussion. With Onedrive, Edge, and Access you could see MS easily create a reference manager for Word. It would actually work much like Onedrive Music backup that was included with Groove when it was a thing. Just let us see a list of our PDFs, annotate them, and pull them into Word as references (reference formatting databases are easy to come by). If MS did this it would make Word the king of academics, grad students, and undegrads in research methods classes everywhere. 

I posted this feature request on UserVoice. If someone is interested in this topic, it is possible to vote at .

From technical point of view Office Access + cloud storage like OneDrive is not safe (it's easy to corrupt data). I think also not easly scalable and flexible in general. I think it should more a cloud application than a local one. I do not want to go into details, but if there is an engineer here around, could understand what I mean.