Favorite Mailboxes feature request: bring back favorites for multiple accounts (NEW Outlook for Mac)

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Apologies if this has already been covered in another post, but I would like to start a thread in support of bringing functionality from the old outlook for Mac to the new outlook for Mac regarding favorite mailboxes. In the old version, I could favorite the inboxes of the dozen or so delegated/shared mailbox accounts I monitor. I have switched to the new version because the search functionality is so much better (thank you!) but am disappointed that I either need to use the unified inbox (which is not an option, since I receive emails on behalf of people I don't need to respond to actively and shouldn't see all the time) or scroll through the infinitely long left pane to review each inbox count for each mailbox I monitor (just kind of annoying, and I miss being able to put all these inboxes under favorites at the top for a more helpful bird's eye view).



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@alexnally Same issue here. I monitor 4 other shared mailboxes and it is invaluable to have these inboxes listed under Favorites. It allow me to notice new messages much more easily and in a timely manner.