Excel Troubleshoot

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I recently started working full time after being in and out of jobs. My first career was spent at GE Aviation and the majority of my work was Excel driven. I love excel and have become very comfortable in how I use the tool but as most users I have been unable to move forward with learning because I work primarily alone. One thing to encourage me to learn is engaging with the technical team. So for my first engagement I wanted to discuss a potential glitch with the tool. This is not a priority fix and not even something I want you to fix. I just want to engage. I noticed when a spreadsheet is frozen (manually frozen on purpose) the edit note does not scroll above the frozen line. You have to unfreeze the page and then click edit note. 

One of the areas my business could really use help with is our master data. I would love to get involved more with Excel workflows or data forms that could help build our models via form completion that auto populates an excel spreadsheet. Something I have only just thought about starting this job. I believe there are other tools the team is using but my tool of preference is and will always be Excel. I would very much like to learn what I know I am missing in my day to day. How to use Excel better and improve the quality & time at work by spending less time building & more time analyzing the data. Thank you.

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