Disappearing OneNote App on Android Tablet

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Hi, this happened to me sometime back in Sept when I carried out an Android update to version 10.


My OneNote app mysteriously uninstalls itself EVERY TIME I power on and off my tablet. This means we have to constantly download and install OneNote. Huge pain, since I intended for this to be a quick note taking app, not a 15 minute endeavor just to open my notes.


I have tried:

  • a factory reset.
  • Clearing data and cache from OneNote, Google Play app, Google Play Service.
  • Uninstalled updates from the Google Play app.


No dice. I have tried installing other software (Kaspersky antivirus) and that has stayed behind after restarting the tablet, leaving a nice gap where OneNote used to be.


On the app store, it look like the OneNote app is still installed. But when I click on it, obviously nothing happens.


Tablet is a Lenovo Yoga Smart tab, YT-X705F. 


Is there anything else I can try, short of waiting for another Android system update and hoping that this problem will fix itself?

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I have Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab and this happens to me too.

@PavVel same here. Any solution?

@RayBans85 for sorry i have the same problem in the same tablet, i have also adding another memory card to increase the capacity of the device to save file but without any changes. It is really painful and time consuming, specially that onenote is one of my main activity as a collage student.



@RayBans85 I do have the same problem; also with a Lenovo Yoga. I use Onenote a lot! For work, private en communitys. I also changed the SD-card (after resetting etc...) Can @microsoft please respond, Lenovo is only responding with the advice of resetting to the fabrics-mode...

In The Netherlands we call this situations: van het kastje naar de muur... :(

Greetings Werner

Glad to see that I am not the only one. 4 months later, still not working though. I tried using OneNote web but it is really crap...
Same here on a OneNote phone.
I´ve got the same problem, when I restart my tablet Lenovo YT-X705F, I find that OneNote is not installed, itself uninstall.

I'm having the same issue as @RayBans85 using the very same brand and model. Microsoft, at least review your code for the OneNote app so you can determine if this issue is caused by some sort of device incompatibility. This is impacting all Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab users.

Same here, tablet model: Lenovo YT-X705L
Android version 10
Any solution?
It's 2023 and this problem is still here!