Disappearance and reappearance of characters in email compilation

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Application in use client:
Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2404 Build 16.0.17531.20004) 64-bit

On Windows 11 Pro Edition Version 23H2 Installation date: ‎06/‎11/‎2023
OS Build 22631.3447 Windows Experience Feature Experience Pack 1000.22688.1000.0




Lately, when compiling e-mails, characters during text editing, using the standard input method and standard default font, disappear and reappear without logic. The character being typed appears then as I type the following character disappears in visibility while remaining in the word of the text and reappears at random, sometimes an entire group of characters disappears.

The problem occurs exclusively when editing emails in Outlook and not in Word or Excel, ecc.


I have been using Outlook for many years and only in the last month or so has this problem started to appear. There are no active third-party add-ons.

S.O. updated as well as video card drivers.


Thanks for anyone who has any pointers.

Best regards


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