disable trigger,jump annoyed notification "Import Windows contacts"

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after some kind manipulation with OneDrive Microsoft, Outlook attempt to set up automatically back up files every week begin jump this notification "Import windows contacts"

Now I already uninstall OneDrive Microsoft from that machine, Office 365.

begin manipulate in registry with windows contacts///

that all unsuccessful.

how to find which programm cause this Import contacts?

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Maybe just turn off notifications so they don't bother you?
Can you explain what you did - it will be helpful?


this Import contacts begin approximately 1 +- months ago when I want to organize Onedrive better for me. in 2 computers.

Now in that comp laptop lenovo I uninstalled Onedrive' Uninstalled Office///'

begin how to at all disable this windows contacts in Registry. but windows does not alow.

good guy from microsoft answer desck attempt to help 3 time.

without result