Dictate in 25 new languages across Microsoft 365



Hey, Officer Insiders! Hadley Griffin, a Product Manager on the Natural User Experiences team wrote this blog post to share that we are bringing 25 new languages to the Office Dictation experience!


Dictate in 25 new languages


The Dictate feature enables you to save time and stay in the flow by using speech-to-text to quickly get your thoughts into your document. Support for additional languages is one of the most common requests we receive from Microsoft 365 users. We’ve heard you! The Dictate feature in Office is now available in the following 25 new languages:


  • Arabic (Bahrain), ar-BH
  • Arabic (Egypt), ar-EG
  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia), ar-SA
  • Bulgarian, bg-BG
  • Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong), zh-HK
  • Croatian, hr-HR
  • Czech, cs-CZ
  • English (New Zealand), en-NZ
  • Estonian, et-EE
  • Greek, el-GR
  • Gujarati (India), gu-IN
  • Hebrew, he-IL
  • Hungarian, hu-HU
  • Irish, ga-IE
  • Latvian, lv-LV
  • Lithuanian, lt-LT
  • Maltese, mt-MT
  • Marathi (India), mr-IN
  • Romanian, ro-RO
  • Slovak, sk-SK
  • Slovenian, sl-SI
  • Tamil (India), ta –IN
  • Telugu (India), te- IN
  • Turkish, tr-TR
  • Vietnamese, vi-VN

Head over to the article to find out more about this great new list of languages as well as scenarios to try out!



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