Control data conversions in Excel


Hi, Office Insiders. Chirag Fifadra, Product Manager on the Excel team, is excited to share with you an improvement to Excel for Windows that will give you more control over data conversions. More specifically, you can now control how and whether the data you enter is automatically converted to specific formats.


Control data conversions

We have consistently heard from customers over the years (and likely from some of you!) that they’re frustrated by the fact that Excel automatically converts data to specific formats. They have expressed a desire for more control over data conversions.

While we aren’t changing Excel defaults, we are giving you the ability to disable specific types of automatic data conversions as needed. This way, you won’t need to worry about your data being converted to a format that you didn’t want and weren’t expecting.


How it works

To disable specific automatic data conversions, select File > Options > Advanced > Automatic Data Conversion. Then choose the conversion(s) that you’d like to disable.




Learn more in the blog post!



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