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Closed Captions for embedded audio within your PowerPoint Presentations


Have you recorded a PowerPoint presentation with your camera off? Or added music clips to your presentation? When you do, you add audio objects on your slides. Audio is a great way to engage with your audience! It complements the visuals on your slides without adding any unwanted clutter (when using the Hide During Show setting). But what if some people can’t hear the audio? If they are Deaf/deaf or Hard of Hearing, or are in a noisy room, or need to turn their volume down to be quiet, they may not be able to hear the audio.


You can now add closed captions to audio objects in PowerPoint for Windows and PowerPoint for Mac. When closed captions are included, viewers have the option to show the words on the screen while the audio plays, so they can understand your message even if they can’t hear the audio. You can even add closed captions tracks in multiple languages and let viewers choose which one to see. PowerPoint for Windows and PowerPoint for Mac already support adding closed captions for embedded video, and now you can add closed captions for embedded audio in the same way.







Head over to the blog post to get started creating accessible presentations!




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