Changing printer or scaling settings in Print Preview keeps making Excel hanging forever.

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I urgently need my documents to Print to the Microsoft Print to PDF but no matter which Printer you set as default in Windows Settings coming back to Excel and changing any one of the settings it hangs to Not Responding forever and you cannot press on any buttons again and then you need to force close it.

I am letting you know that I am an Advanced Qualified IT Engineer with 25 years of experience and have completed all the advanced solutions I could find online and that this problem is I believe only going to go away if your developers and programmers force fix the problem withing in your coding and release an urgent update. I am a Windows & Office Insider on the BETA Chanel so awaiting the most latest update to the problem. I must let you know how urgent I need a solution as I have a deadline on the 29th of August and first my internet were off for 2 weeks and then I was sick for a week and now I am days searching a solution to continue my work and the customers complain as I cannot get the work done and I am extremely behind and if I don't get back to work I loose clients that are just going to somebody else - making me loose on my income. As of now my Excel is unusuable and broken. I cannot continue  Thanking you in advance for your help.

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