Cannot update to version 2309 after joined insider program [Target for Python in Excel]

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Hi Community


I am using a Microsoft 365 enterprise license and i want to access the "python in excel" function.

I've join the office 365 insider program and signed up for Beta Channel.

However, i wasn't able to update to latest version 2309. ( only reach version 2306 everytime i enter "update Now")


how do i solve this kind of question?


thanks in advance.




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You may try Office Deployment Tool of one of these Options for deploying Microsoft 365 Insider - Microsoft 365 Insider | Microsoft Learn options for business subscriptions.

By the way, even with Beta there is no warranty you have Python. Entire process is here



the link  Options for deploying Microsoft 365 Insider - Microsoft 365 Insider | Microsoft Learn  show how to deploy as insider.

But I already signed in as a insider (even Beta Channel)


Aware of that Beta channel is not warranty to have Python.

I just wonder how come I cannot update my office version to 2309? (Still remain 2306)


To my knowledge "Microsoft 365 Insider" icon which is on your screenshot is for consumers, on business version there is no such


It could appear if you have both licenses or it could be added through registry. If nothing changed recently. Perhaps it doesn't work in your case. Anyway, try to forget about this option and install Beta as it is recommended for business subscriptions.