Behind the Scenes: Empowering visual expression with Office Graphics PM Aimee Leong



Growing up in Australia, Aimee Leong was intrigued by deep questions. 


“I thought I wanted to be a theoretical physicist,” she said. “I just thought that questions around things like dark matter were super interesting.” 


But, like many millennials, her imagination was captured by the rise of creativity in personal technology. She had an eye for design, even in something as simple as a to-do list app.

“There was an app called Wunderlist that had an amazing user experience,” she said. “The animation made you feel very celebrated. So, I started following blogs from some of the people who created this app. I found it fascinating, how technology could make your world more enjoyable and more beautiful.”





Aimee quickly realized that what she really wanted to do in her career was help create those kinds of beautiful products and experiences. So, after graduating college, she joined Microsoft and moved into a Product Manager role on the Office Graphics team. 


“We are building things at the intersection of productivity, self-expression, and creativity, which is what I’m really passionate about,” she observed. 


We spoke with Aimee about her cutting-edge work on Office graphics, how responsible AI impacts that work, and the role that the Office Insiders program plays in releasing high-quality products at Microsoft.


Take a look at the full blog post here.  



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