Automatize sum of different ranges linked to weekday

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Hi guys! 

I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to approach this: 


I receive the hourly consumption of gas in a month, so I have a matrix with the dates in a column and the hours in the top row so, gas per day per hour


I want to obtain the total amount of monthly gas but divided in three categories

1: Mon-Fri from 0:00-6:00am, Sat from 0:00-8:00, Sun from 0:00-18:00

2:Mon-Fri from 6:00-18:00am, Sat from 8:00-19:00, Sun from 18:00-24:00

3:Mon-Fri from 18:00-22:00am, Sat from 19:00-21:00


The thing is that every month, weekdays will change so how can I make it automatically either with excel formulas or VBA code? 


Thanks for your help!!




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Sounds like Filterfunction using the weekday function could help you filter through the Days and then do something similar similar with the timeslots but i expect timeslots dont change so that filter would probably be easier

Here is a command that filters out monday - friday