Automatic recalculation optimization in Excel makes your active workbook more performant


The introduction of the single document interface (SDI) in Excel 2013 made it possible for users to open and run multiple, unrelated workbooks in a single instance of Excel. Additionally, when using the Automatic Calculation mode, any of these workbooks has the potential to trigger a recalculation of all open workbooks, which increases the risk of slowing down the performance of the active workbook.


Minimize the risk of slowness and increase performance by limiting the recalculation process to the active workbook and any of its interdependent workbooks.


NOTE: Workbooks with real-time streaming functionality (such as Realtime Data), as well as recalculation initiated either programmatically or manually by pressing the F9 key or selecting Formulas > Calculate Now are exceptions to this optimization. 






Head over to the blog post to learn more and check if it's available for your current build!




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