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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Automatic lowering of Raised Hand after speaking in Teams meetings

The Teams Public Preview team wants to help you ensure smoother meeting facilitation, that's why they're excited to share a new feature that automatically detects and lowers a user’s Raised Hand after they’ve finished contributing to the discussion. This will be available for Teams Public Preview users who use Windows or macOS



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5 Replies

@Devin_Jones Is there any way to turn this off, we use the hand raised in a collaborative context where people raise their hands to indicate they have something for discussion but they are also engaged in conversation about others topics.  The Keep It Raised works but goes away before most of us see it and our hands are then down when we meant for them to be up.  This morning someone laughed and their hands went down... we also use the raised hands as a sort of queue and even if you keep it raised you move to the end. 

I fully realize that we are using it in a way that maybe outside of the typical scenario.


Joe Sharp

This is so annoying. How do you disable this stupid "feature"?

You can switch off noise suppression. Then "Auto-Lower-Hand" no longer is working.


This tries to request a official disable:

"Remove (or disable) the annoying automatic lower hands feature"


A brilliant idea. As long as there's the option to disable this feature for those who use raised hands for non-standard purposes, I'm all for such a positive change. I hope this comes to the web version of Teams too. Some employers don't want to pay the licence costs for 'full fat versions' of Office.
This is an awful "feature" to force on users. How do we turn that off without increasing noise? Having to turn noise suppression off is not a sane solution.