Autocorrect for Emoji's Not Working in Latest Outlook Insider for MacOS

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Office Insider for MacOS - Outlook v16.51 (21062001) - in the past if I entered ;) , :) etc they would autocorrect to the relevant emoji. I have noticed that in this build they no longer autocorrect and stay as plain text. I am using HTML format (not plain text).

Has anyone else experienced/noticed this?

Is it by design or a bug?

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Hello @Michael Brunker,


We just tried and it auto converted it into a smiley emoji. Can you double check to make sure the AutoCorrect option is enabled for Word/Outlook? Here are the steps to do this.




Yes, auto-correct is enabled and working (e.g. if I type ( c ) I get © )...and the instructions were for Word/Outlook for Windows...this is Outlook Insider Beta channel build 16.51.21062309 on MacOS Big Sur. It had been working (as I use it quite a lot) but the last couple of builds it appears broken.
Interestingly, some of the autocorrect emojis work (such as :D and ;) ) but others like the basic :) and :( still do not autocorrect to graphic emojis in the latest Office Insider Outlook for MacOS. Not a real issue, just an annoyance.