Am i going to be automatically upgraded to office 2024

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I currently subscribe to Microsoft Office, and I currently have the latest version

(Version 2407 Build 16.0.17830.20016) 64-bit


I don't know if this is already office 2024 or not. If it's not, will I automatically recieve the new Office 2024, or will I have to purchase it again? There isn't any infomation currently on the internet to answer my question.

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@bryan gee Yes, you will be automatically upgraded. You won’t need to purchase Office 2024 separately; if you’re already using a subscription version, you’ll receive updates automatically. Feel free to explore the new features and enhancements in Office LTSC 2024!

  • It’s designed for specialized use cases that require a long-term servicing channel, such as devices that cannot accept frequent feature updates or embedded systems.
  • Office LTSC 2024 includes features from past Office releases as well as a subset of new features already available in Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.

Upgrade Process:

    • If you’re already using a subscription version of Office (like Microsoft 365), you can follow these steps to upgrade:
      • First, ensure you have the latest version installed on your PC or Mac.
      • If you don’t have the latest version, you can download and install it using the instructions in the article: Download and install or reinstall Office on a PC or Mac. 
      • After installation, your new version of Office should update automatically, or you might receive a notification that an update is ready to apply.

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If you have subscription license, then you have Microsoft Office 365


Office 2019-2021-2024 are perpetual versions, 1-time purchase without "free" upgrade to next version
all three are feature-lower than Office 365


to check your license details, run this from command prompt as administrator:

powershell -ep bypass -file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\vNextDiag.ps1"